Wedding Planning

Create your dream experience!

Micemorocco event management tailor-made Specialist, creates for you unforgettable moments by never leaving no detail of rating.
our wedding planner will listen to you in order to realize the wedding of your dreams and to remove all the apprehension related to the organization of this unique event.
Micemorocco event management to create different packages for you, to answer different levels of demand. as our philosophy dictates, each service is customized to best meet your expectations.
The full wedding planning:
This package allows you to experience all the fun aspects of organizing your wedding while avoiding the anxiety and stress of upstream work. full planing is our most comprehensive offer, including:
+ scenario design
+ wedding venue
+ caterer
+ music & animations
+ lights + audio and video installations
+ transport
+ accommodation
+ invitations and prompt tracking
+ hairdressing & make up
+ photography and videography
+ Wedding rehearsals and coordination
Wedding planning - a la carte -
this package is perfectly suitable for couples who have already undertaken certain steps related to Wedding.
The service - a la carte - allows you to choose the various options that are missing to sublimate this evening.
our wedding planner will be happy to meet you. during this consultation, you will develop together a list of the different points of your event. The team of Micemorocco management will look for The best national and international service providers to find you the perfect product.
- D-day -
You have undertaken all the steps but want the guarantee that the day will be everything as you imagined? this offer offers to intervene only on the day of your wedding by setting up an expert coordination team, aware of each element involved during the evening.
One month before the date of your wedding, our wedding planner will meet you in order to establish a complete retro-planning of each stage of the evening: from the setting up until the departure of your last guests.
Each order made by you will be checked in advance of one month, one week and the day before so that no detail is saved.
your wedding is also
Your bachelor party of young woman / man
this is the last night before your wedding. often fetished between friends, your bachelorette party / man should not be left behind. Micemorocco event management proposes to make you spend a memorable evening. From the design of the scenario to the organization, our team will take care of all the details, that matter the destination and the desired place.
Your honeymoon
Once your rings are exchanged, live your first moments as a husband and wife in the destination of your dreams. we will offer you the most beautiful destinations as well as a selection of hotels and activities to meet your expectations and your desires.
The wedding proposal
Micemorocco management accompanies you to create the wedding proposal of your dreams. Our team will contact you to know the history of your couple and to better understand what are the tastes of your future (e) fiance (e). we will then offer you a scenario reflecting deeply the couple you form.
Together, we will review each detail and seek the best providers to offer your love a glimpse of all the romance and magic that characterize your union.
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